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Equidox PDF remediation software can save you time. Equidox lets you easily convert non-accessible PDFs into accessible PDFs or HTML. This remediation software is available for faculty, staff, and student workers who are assisting with accessibility projects.

Cornell's Equidox license is...Read more

"Book a Study Space" was developed when COVID abatement measures were at their most restrictive. These measures are not in place currently. Please see the Library's Library Spaces page for information on what rooms, carrels, study...Read more

CU Print printers service have been configured to issue a refund automatically if a technical problem occurred while your print job was being printed. If your job did not print correctly and a refund was not automatically issued, you can request a refund.

Log in to the...Read more

When you click the link in the invitation email you receive from CIT or RingCentral, your browser will open in the RingCentral web portal.

Enter (and re-enter) a PIN, digits only, 6 to 10 digits long. Select a Security Question and provide an answer. Click Continue...Read more

All CU Print printers are equipped with a card reader. When you have sent a document to one of the CU Print queues, just hover your Cornell ID card over the card reader on the printer, and your document will print.

If you do not have your Cornell ID card handy, you can also release (...Read more

User Experience

I've authenticated, but the printer icon in my dock is bouncing and it says my job is "held for authentication."

How to Solve this Problem

If you entered your Name or Password incorrectly, a printer icon in your dock will start bouncing to get your attention.

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