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Should you no longer need to use CU Print printers, you can uninstall the software.

Windows Open Windows Settings . Click Apps . On the Apps & features list, click PaperCut Print Deploy Client...Read more

If you will be doing all or most of your printing to CU Print printers, you can set one of the CU Print queues as your default. You still have the option, every time you print any document, to specify a different printer.

If you frequently print to non-CU Print printers, the procedure...Read more

CU Print is replacing Net-Print as the service that allows you to print from your computer (or a lab computer or a friend's) to a number of printers on campus. You'll send your print jobs to a print queue for either black and white printers or color printers. Then, when you are standing in...Read more


For many years, Net-Print has been Cornell's campus-wide printing service, allowing you to print from anywhere to nearly 200 printers. The system grew and evolved over the years, as these things do, and the seams started showing. In addition, the printers were owned and maintained by...Read more

You can have one or more CU Print accounts. There are three types of accounts:

Student Print Allocation - the annual allocation for each registered student Bursar - available to registered students Department - for use by staff and...Read more
In order to install CU Print, submit print jobs, or use the CU Print web portal, you must be connected to the campus network (wired or wireless) OR use the CU VPN service to connect.

Installers are available for Windows and Mac. The vendor plans to release...Read more