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Share Files Securely and Collaborate on Documents

Box is a free service for current Cornell faculty, students, staff, and affiliates that allows you to store, collaborate, and share documents and other files online.

Box provides current Cornell faculty, staff, students, and affiliates with a simple way to share critical research, collaborate on group assignments, and manage team files, delivering a consistent user experience across campus.

Stay productive while working remotely: A step-by-step tutorial for getting started with Box. Plus, more Box tips for secure remote work.

Using Box, You Can

  • Manage and preview files in many formats.
  • Access content through all major browsers, and through mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Blackberry.
  • Share files and folders while controlling access with a range of permissions from preview-only to full editing and collaboration rights.
  • Comment on files.
  • Create simple workflows.
  • Take advantage of related applications and file synchronization tools.


Before using Box to store, share, or collaborate with institutional information, review the Regulated Data Chart (Box is listed in the Collaboration Services section).

Graduating, resigning, retiring, or otherwise leaving Cornell? Find out what changes to expect for your Cornell Box account.

Service Details

Share your files with free cloud storage, thanks to a campus-wide license.

Best for:

  • Storing and sharing large numbers of documents.
  • provides tools to easily edit common files in Office on the desktop or in Office Online.
  • Can share files with anyone with an email address / collaborate with other institutions.
  • Excellent security for your data with encryption of your data both in transmission and while stored in the cloud, detailed auditing of who has acted on and viewed your files, watermarking of files, and view-only files that you can prevent others from downloading.


No Fee

Regulated Data:

See the Regulated Data Chart for Cornell policy considerations for this service.

Support Contact:

Compare to:

Best for:

  • University (mission data) that needs to be stored in a secure, central location. 
  • Files you want to share within your department or with other departments at the University.

Best for:

Servers that you don't want to manage yourself and do want to maintain on campus. 

Also used for:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Backups
  • Virtual or physical servers


BoxShared File ServicesManaged Servers
Cost:No FeeFor FeeFor Fee


BoxShared File ServicesManaged Servers
IT Professionals:


Work with your colleagues more easily than email attachments.

Set your preferences

Control access, notifications, and all your other preferences.


Leading the field in features and quality.

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