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IT Professionals

NetIDs are issued to members of the Cornell community and affiliates. A single individual can have only one NetID.

Members of the Cornell community are students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The faculty and staff category includes full-time and part-time...Read more

IT@Cornell Website:

The website you are currently viewing was developed by Custom Development in partnership with the IT Communications team. The new website features a modern design, enhanced search and...Read more

Each TeamForge project can have one or more Subversion repositories associated with it. Confidentiality and integrity of Subversion repository transactions are ensured by SSL.

Create a Subversion Repository Log into TeamForge ( )...Read more
Upgrading an existing installation? Always install new versions of Spirion from this page. The version on this page includes pre-configured settings not present in the versions available directly from the vendor. Download the...Read more

Your digital sign can display:

Content blocks (which are organized into playlists) Ticker blocks (which are organized into crawl lists)

Schedule options, set by you, control how often the content changes, when it is displayed, the order, etc.

Creating Content and Ticker Blocks...Read more

CUView is managed using AxisTV, an online service at . Before you log in, gather details about your CUView account. The following will be provided to you by CU Communications:

Resolution of your screen Playlist and crawl...Read more