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What browser should I use to open Appspace? Appspace is officially supported on the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari (in macOS), and Edge (in Windows). In practical use, Cornell users have found the fewest issues when using Chrome.
SecureW2 provides a selection of help guides if you need more assistance setting up Eduroam on your device. It provides resources for:
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a long-established research and scholarly pursuit at Cornell, and with generative AI, everyone in the community has new opportunities to explore AI.
One of the broadest layers of defense against attacks by bad actors on Cornell's digital resources is the awareness and reporting of suspicious activity by the university’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
For years, Cornell community members have continually helped strengthen the layers of security protecting the university's digital resources by forwarding suspicious email messages to the IT Security Office. To make it even easier for customers to notify us of potential threats, we are introducing…
Check Your Current Storage Starting February 19, 2024, most Box accounts have a quota of 25 GB of storage. (Larger accounts have a quota set above their current storage amount on that date.) If your account reaches its storage limit, Box won't allow you to upload or create files until space is…
On February 19, 2024 storage caps were placed on Box and Microsoft 365 cloud storage services. This reflects similar limits added to Cornell Google Workspace accounts in 2022. Individual Cloud Storage We encourage you to practice good data management and remove files you no longer need. 
In late February a new Secure Connect passkey service will be offered to Cornell faculty and staff. Here are two reasons to enroll.
Three university-wide task forces, formed in 2023, recently released their findings and recommendations surrounding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools at Cornell. You can find the following reports for review:
In late February a new Secure Connect passkey service will be offered to Cornell faculty and staff. Secure Connect reduces or eliminates the need to use a NetID, password, and two-step authentication (Duo) to access Cornell services that use CUWebLogin.
As a result of pricing changes from vendors who supply Cornell with cloud document and file storage services, Cornell added storage quotas to Microsoft SharePoint sites in 2024. The maximum storage quota for SharePoint is 50 GB. Check Your Current Storage Starting in February 2024, most Microsoft…
As a result of pricing changes from vendors who supply Cornell with cloud document and file storage services, Cornell added storage quotas to Microsoft Teams accounts in 2024. The maximum storage quota for a Teams group is 50 GB. Check Your Current Storage Starting in February 2024, most…
Review the Content Check that the articles in the Teams Current Content planner match those in the monthly Box Note.
Who Can Manage Users Active Directory assignments will take care of most needs for IT@Cornell roles, but occasionally individuals may need more than the basics. Currently only Laurie and Beth can make these changes to user roles on IT@Cornell.  Elevate a Role In certain cases, an individual…
Main Navigation  The main navigation menu appears at the top of the page to the right of the IT@Cornell logo. (There are several menus on the site so take caution to be sure you are editing the correct menu.)
Approving content changes is not yet an intuitive process. These steps will likely evolve as we work with customers to update material.
Site-Wide Security Alert Activating An Alert An alert that is seen on ALL pages of the site at the very top. Attention grabbing and should be used sparingly for real alerts to avoid fatigue.
Content Types Event -- CIT events with a title, date, location and event information. Events can be manually created but will also automatically be created from Localist on a regular basis. KB Article -- Knowledge Base Articles contain information about products and how to use them…
Create a News Article Remember that Drupal does not auto-save your draft. Save often! Under the Drupal Content menu, select Add Content, then News. A new page will open to add content.  Give the news article a title.
Service and Non-Service Landing Pages Before you create a landing page, identify if the page needs to be listed as a service or not. A "service" describes something that is officially supported by CIT, which can be hardware, software, or other services (for example Custom Development).…

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