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Help a Non-Collaborator Become a Box Folder Owner

This article applies to: Box

If you've received a notification that you have access to content in Box that will be deleted because it has no owner, and the person who should be the owner isn't currently a collaborator (and so didn't get the notification like you did), you can help them claim ownership.

  1. While in the folder, click Share. Select share from the Box folder options
  2. Add the person who should be the owner as an Editor and provide them with the address where they can claim the folder, (When looking them up under Invite People, using their NetID is sometimes fastest.) Share a Box folder to someone, then let them know they can take ownership at
  3. If they go to after you add them as a collaborator, they will be able to click Adopt for the folder and become the owner.
If you'd like to copy and paste the wording directing the recipient to the Box ownership website, it is: You can become the owner of this folder by going to and clicking Adopt.


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