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Problem: Daily Network Registration Emails

Only applies to Windows 10

This article applies to: Wi-Fi

If you receive Network Registration emails every day, it is most likely because you (or someone on your computer) has manually changed one or two settings.

  1. Navigate to Settings - Networking - Wi-Fi.
  2. Click Manage known networks to see which Cornell wireless networks you have configured (eduroam and/or RedRover)
  3. For each Cornell wireless network, double-click the network name to open its properties. Under Random hardware address, you will probably see the dropdown set to Change daily. This is the problem.
  4. Set Use random addresses for this network to Off.


Random hardware address was implemented to prevent drive-by registration and to prevent Wi-Fi tagging of users at coffee shops and such.

On the Wi-Fi settings page, there is a On/Off toggle switch.

  • If set to On, registering on a NEW network will create a random address that will always be used for that network.
  • If set to Off, the computer's actual MAC address will be used.

On each network's property page is a dropdown list with three choices: On, Off, and Change Daily.

  • On indicates that the global setting was on when this network was first encountered. The address will not change day to day.¬†
  • Off indicates that this network uses the computer's native address. This is the preferred setting for Cornell's networks.
  • Change Daily means that a new address will be used each time the computer connects to this network. That's what creates the annoying daily email. There is NO benefit to using this setting with Cornell's network. It will not affect usage-based billing or any other restrictions. It does not improve personal security. This setting works, but it generates those daily registration emails and it doesn't do anything helpful when used with Cornell's networks.

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