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Two-Step Login

Updated Duo mobile login

Two-Step Login Mobile App Update

Duo, the vendor for Two-Step Login, has launched a new user interface (UI) for its iOS and Android mobile apps. This change makes it easier for you to enroll, authenticate, and troubleshoot Two-Step Login.

New Users: Get Started with Two-Step Login

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Step Login adds an extra layer of security to your Cornell NetID and password by requiring:

  • something you know (your NetID and your password), plus
  • something you have (a physical device, like your phone)

password plus proof equals access

This is called two-factor authentication, and it's required for access to certain university services, such as Workday, Student Center, and Student Essentials. Duo Security provides the technology behind Two-Step Login.

Two-Step Login makes it much more difficult for intruders to use your identity to access campus services. Even if your password has been stolen, the second step to the login process will prevent someone from logging in.

For certain university services and information, typically ones that grant access to sensitive information, you will be required to use Two-Step Login. You can also choose to expand where you use Two-Step Login to better protect your NetID password.

Key Features

  • Decrease your risk of account compromises and identity theft, along with the consequences of lost time, money, and privacy
  • Get alerted if your password is stolen or guessed as soon as someone tries to log in
  • Use your smartphone, cell phone, tablet, or landline phone to confirm your login requests
  • Choose to let Two-Step Login remember you for 24 hours (for most login requests)
  • Expand where you use Two-Step Login to better protect your NetID password

Who Can Use Two-Step Login

Two-Step Login accounts are available to all current students, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees, and affiliates, as well as people who have a Sponsored NetID.

People who have GuestIDs are not eligible for Two-Step Login.


Manage Your Two-Step Login
  • Where you go to start using Two-Step Login
  • Where you go to update your devices and preferences

Get Started with Two-Step Login

Duo User Guide

Service Details

Extra security for your Cornell NetID password


No Fee

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1 NetIDs

The NetID is a unique electronic identifier in which the password permits secure access to non-public Cornell resources and information.


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