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Register a Device That Doesn't Have a Browser (IoT)

Cornell University Policy 5.7, Network Registry, requires registration of all devices connected to the network. Use this procedure to register a device that does not have a browser, for example a video game console, Internet TV, or a device that belongs to the Internet of Things (IoT).

This article applies to: Wi-Fi , Wired Network

Accessing the My Computers page from off-campus, while traveling or from home, requires use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN)
You will need to use a device that DOES have a browser to enter your NetID and the hardware (Media Access Control, or MAC) address for your browser-less device. The MAC address is a string of twelve numbers and letters broken up into pairs by colons.
  1. Using a device that does have a web browser, go to the My Computers page.
  2. Click Add Device with No Browser.

    Picture of Add Device with No Browser button with button selected  
  3. Enter the Device MAC Address and a Description of the device, then click Register. (If you're not sure how to find the MAC address, search the internet for the steps to find it on your particular device—for example, "find MAC address wii.")

    Picture of Wi-Fi Device registration page with MAC address and Description entered and Register button highlighted

This procedure will register your device with the RedRover network. Your registration is valid for one year. You will receive an email message reminding you to re-register shortly before it expires.

Because every device has a unique hardware (MAC) address, you must register each device you use on the network individually. Some devices are not suitable for use with the Cornell networks.


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