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Video on Demand

These procedures require your department or group to have a 3Play vendor account for human captioning outside Video on Demand . This non-VOD account with 3Play Media is in addition to an account your department or group might have for requesting captioning using tags in VOD media...Read more

Users of the Video on Demand service likely know that tags can be used to identify searchable topics within a piece of media. The human captioning service uses a set of specialized tags that allow users who are members of departments or groups with 3Play Media accounts to use these specialized...Read more

The chart below details human captioning pricing effective February 2020.

Human Captioning Service (via tagging in Video on Demand and account owner approval)

Note that the vendor has surcharges for poor audio quality. See "Difficult Audio Surcharge" in the table...Read more

The human captioning customer (specifically, the individual in a department or group who is designated as account owner) will be billed directly by 3Play Media for captioning services. The customer is responsible for payment of charges in a timely...Read more

Certain users of Cornell’s Video on Demand (VoD) service can purchase captioning services for their media. Human captioning is created by a human transcriptionist rather than a computer program.

In addition to this paid human captioning service, no-cost...Read more