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General Questions About Video on Demand

Questions about who can use of Video on Demand and for what purposes.

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What is the intended application or use of this service?

Cornell's Video on Demand service enables any university faculty or staff members to upload, edit, manage and host videos, images and audio files.  It provides a hosted presence or embedded code for streaming of the videos to a web venue of their choice for university business.

Who may use this service?

The service is available to all Cornell staff and faculty.

May students use the service?

Students can view public content in VOD and can log in with their NetID to view content that requires Cornell authentication.  Students acting as an employee or in a teaching capacity may be granted full access to VOD with the sponsorship of a full-time staff or faculty member.

Can I use the service for personal use?

No. The service is only available for use relating to university business.

Are there any restrictions on the content I may upload?

Please see the terms and conditions for restrictions and policies relating to FERPA, copyright, and university policies and code of conduct. Content related to an official Cornell course or classes is not permitted. For more information on video use for courses, please see Academic Technologies instructional video services or use Canvas.

May I use this service to host video for my mission-critical web site?

As long as your specific video needs for your mission-critical web site fall within the limitations and terms and conditions for the service, then yes, you may use the service to host video for your mission critical web sites. If your needs require greater oversight or greater ability to manage your content, you should instead consider the Video Platform Service. The Video on Demand service is not a Tier 1 or Tier 0 service, and we cannot guarantee service at these levels, but the VoD service has a robust infrastructure and every effort will be made to maintain availability.

Can users access the service from any location?

Yes, videos, images, and audio files may be viewed or listened to from any location. You may upload and manage media from any device including mobile devices.

Do the files I upload ever "expire?"

The service is intended for current, active content that is viewed at least once per year. Videos that have not been viewed in over a year may be archived. Archived content may take additional time to load.  After the first time an inactive video is viewed, it will automatically return to active status and will launch normally thereafter. We will never remove a video without contacting the video owner in advance.

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