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I Didn't See the Details Dialog Box in Video on Demand

How to troubleshoot missing the details dialog box in Video on Demand

This article applies to: Video on Demand

User Experience

After I uploaded my video the dialog box where I fill in the title and other information did not appear. The upload looked successful, but after clicking Next, I'm taken back to the My Media page, and I don't see the new video listed there.

How to Solve this Problem

Try re-loading the browser page (in most browsers, this is a curved arrow or arrows near the address bar). You will probably see your new video listed. To add the information you normally add as part of the upload process,

  1. Select the video.
  2. Scroll down below the video player.
  3. Click the Details tab (it may already be selected).
  4. Click Edit details.
  5. Fill in the desired fields.
  6. Click Apply when finished.

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