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Replace Media in Video on Demand

Use Replace Media to upload a new version of a video or other content into a Video on Demand listing,

This article applies to: Video on Demand

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The Replace Media feature allows you to upload a new version of a video or other media while retaining all the existing links to or embedded instances of that media. This allows you update, change, or swap the media while any links you have already shared continue to work and will display the new media once the replacement is complete.

It is recommended that you make a backup of the original video in case you need to revert your changes or otherwise experience issues during the replacement. If your original entry has captions, you should also download a copy of the original captions before proceeding with the replacement.

For details about editing and backing up captions, visit 
Edit Captions in Video Hosting and Sharing (Video On Demand).

Replace a Media Item

  1. Log in to Video on Demand.
  2. Click My Media and browse to the video you would like to replace.
  3. To edit an item, click the Edit icon (small pencil) to the right of the item's title. If you are browsing the listings in a channel and using Grid view, click the More icon (three dots), then click the Edit icon.
  4. Click the Replace Media tab.
  5. Click Choose a file to upload. The replacement video can be in any common format, at any resolution.
In moderated channels only, replacing media will remove it from the channel’s playlists. In addition, unless you have channel manager permission, the new media will move to the channel’s moderation tab to be approved by someone who does have manager permission.
  1. In the dialog, browse to the video file you wish to upload and select it, then click Open.
  2. Depending on the length, resolution, and format of the video, it may take several minutes to upload. (To stop the upload process, click Cancel.)
  3. After the upload has completed, click either Approve Replacement to continue, or Cancel Replacement to cancel.
  4. The media will not be immediately available while Video on Demand processes the uploaded file. During processing, you may still stop the process by clicking Cancel Replacement. (Until processing is complete, the original video will continue to be shown in Video on Demand.)

Considerations for Automatic Captioning

If your original media had captions (in which case the Replace Media tab will notify you with the message "The media has captions"), you may need to submit a new caption request once the replacement is complete. For instructions on how to do that, visit Add Automatic Captions in Video on Demand.  

If you have saved the captions from your original media and they can be adapted to the new media, upload them by following the steps at Upload a Captions File in Video on DemandFor details about editing and backing up captions, visit Edit Captions in Video Hosting and Sharing (Video On Demand).


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