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Video on Demand Media Will Not Display After Embedding

How to troubleshoot Video on Demand media that won’t display in embedded code.

This article applies to: Video on Demand

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After copying and pasting the embed code, your video does not appear (or is not playable) on the web page where you want it.

How to Solve this Problem

First, if you have recently uploaded the video, make sure that the video is not still being converted. Video playback via embed code will not function until after the video has finished converting. 

You can check this by going to the “My Media” section, selecting the video in question, and checking the Details tab to see if there is a message saying that “This media is still being converted.” Wait until this message is no longer displayed before trying to playback the video where you have embedded it. Normally the embedded video player will also give a message that the video is still being converted.

If the video has finished converting, but is still not playing back, make sure that none of the HTML embed code is missing. For example, some blog sites may automatically strip out parts of video embed code (sometimes as a security measure, sometimes for other reasons). If the pasted HTML code has been edited in a situation like this, this may prevent the video from playing. 

You can check this by saving a local copy of the embed code (such as in a text file) and then comparing this saved copy to the HTML code on the blog (or other site) after you have posted it and saved the blog entry. If the code has been modified from the original saved copy, this is likely the problem. You should check to see if the blog has an option to force an entry to retain the full HTML code without modifying it.

If you are having this problem and neither of these seems to be the cause of the problem, please contact the IT Service Desk to request assistance.

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