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Why Use Box Departmental Folders?

Store department files in a group folder rather than your personal Box account.

Why Use Box?

Box has the flexibility for offline and online file editing, many levels of collaboration, and is suited to house specific regulated data at Cornell.

Why Use SharePoint Document Libraries?

SharePoint offers an extended feature set over OneDrive and Teams file storage.

Why Use Microsoft Teams File Storage?

Microsoft Teams is designed for easy collaboration on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and much more.

Stay Safe Online This Holiday Season

Protect yourself online to ensure a safe and happy holiday season. Be aware of scams that prey on your busy schedule and charitable giving.

Why Use OneDrive?

OneDrive, part of your Cornell Microsoft account, provides cloud storage for all your important documents, connected with the Microsoft apps many of us use every day.

Improve Your Presentations: Try Speaker Coach in Teams and PowerPoint Live

Speaker Coach can help you be a better presenter.

Duo Mobile App Passcodes to be Discontinued Starting in December

Beginning in December, Cornell will discontinue a Two-Step Login (Duo) authentication method—the Duo Mobile App passcode feature. Evidence has shown that the continued use of Duo Mobile App passcodes poses a security risk to the Cornell systems and users' personal information. If you regularly use Duo Mobile App passcodes, please plan to use the available alternatives, such as Duo push, Duo phone callback, Duo hardware token or USB security key.

PowerPoint Live: Say Goodbye to "Next Slide, Please"

PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams meetings offers several benefits over screen-sharing your PowerPoint presentation window or editing window. 

Code42 Rebranded as CrashPlan as of October 17, 2022

Code42, the file backup and restore service that forms an important component of Cornell’s Certified Desktop suite of security tools, will again be called CrashPlan, as of October 17, 2022.

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