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Beware Tax-Time Fraud and New Scams

Tax-related identity theft is the most common form of identity theft reported in the U.S. As the IRS has greatly increased its scrutiny of refunds to identify signs of theft, criminals have changed to a new, quickly growing scam. Learn how to protect yourself and recognize the signs of fraud.

Watch Out for Holiday-Themed Phishing Scams

Criminals spam people throughout the holidays with the hopes that the right email subject line will trick someone.

Web Hosting That Fits Your Needs

Custom Web Development has created a guide outlining the web hosting options available at Cornell.

What You Don't Know About Zoom: Tips and Features

While we launched Zoom in fall 2016 and have seen an increase in remote meetings, there may be some neat functions about the service that you aren’t familiar with yet. Even if you’ve become a Zoom regular, we invite you to check out these features.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Tips for Your Family

This week, NCSAM content was focused on materials that can help coach family members on IT security.

Tips to Keep Your Personal Identity Safe

Online risks don't end when the work day does. Here are some tips to protect your personal identity and information, too.

Holiday Phishing Scams

This holiday season, watch out for email spam with subjects like:

  • Holiday e-card
  • Holiday sales/discounts/deals
  • Travel notifications

Upcoming OU changes in Active Directory 9/20

In order to reflect organizational changes at Cornell, on Tuesday, September 20, 2016, there will be a number of OU changes in Active Directory which will affect user objects. These are all changes to the OU=Staff,OU=NetIDs,OU=CUniv,DC=cornell,DC=edu hierarchy.

FY17 Rate Changes for IT Services

Rate change information for FY17 for the following services: Shared File Services, Desktop Everywhere, Endpoint Management Tools, Managed AV, Custom Web Development, Voice and Data.

Tax Fraud Alerts

This time of year there are many tax-related scams consumers should be on the look out for.

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