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Turn Off RedRover in a Classroom

Blocking access to the campus Wi-Fi network in classrooms has been discussed by policy administrators. The effective method to block access to communication is to use software on the classroom devices. 

This article applies to: Wi-Fi

The subject of activation/deactivations of RedRover Wi-Fi has come up and been discussed by policy administrators in the past. It was determined the effective method for sequestering communication access is by utilizing a software package on the client computer in the classroom.

This is because other Wi-Fi services of both infrastructure and ad-hoc types exist, along with cellular carrier service providing both data and voice, which are controlled and operated by third parties that continue to operate and be accessible from the classrooms even if the RedRover service is off. This availability generally defeats the purpose of having RedRover turned off in the classroom.

The access to third-party connection also needs to be sequestered for a classroom policy to be effective. Because of these points and others, our administration has decided not to provide this service. 

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