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Check the Status of Your Two-Step Login Account

Confirm that your Two-Step Login account is ready to use.

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

Go to Manage Your Two-Step Login and sign in with your NetID and password.

  • If you see a list of devices:
    1. Make sure that at least one enrolled device is current and available for use with Two-Step Login.
    2. Remove any old or unrecognized devices.
  • If you see a Welcome screen, select Start Enrolling Devices Now.
    • If you see an Enroll Devices screen with a Start Setup button, you are ready to start enrolling your devices. Enroll a device now, or as soon as possible, to protect your account from hackers.
    • If you see an error message stating "Your two factor account is disabled. Contact an administrator for assistance," it means that access to your account has been blocked as a security measure. You need to:
      1. Contact the IT Service Desk and ask to have your account released. You will not be able to log in using Two-Step Login until you do this.

        To verify your identity to the IT Service Desk, make sure you have one of the following:

        • Your ID and can visit the Service Desk in person
        • Access to a computer that can support a Zoom session
        • Access to the phone you have listed in the Cornell Directory
      2. Immediately enroll a device in Two-Step Login.
        Once your account has been released, you must enroll a device in Two-Step Login as soon as possible to protect your account.

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