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Choose Your Authentication Device for Two-Step Login

Compare the types of devices you can use for Two-Step Login authentication

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

Two-Step Login blocks criminals from using stolen Cornell passwords by requiring something they don’t have. Something in your possession.

When it’s time to sign in using Two-Step Login, you confirm your identity by:

Choose Your Device

  1. Required:  Choose the device you want to use most often with Two-Step Login. 
  2. Strongly Recommended: Choose a backup device in case your first choice is unavailable (left at home, out of charge, lost, or stolen).


Device Needed

Network Needed

  • Smartphone or tablet with Duo Mobile app installed
  • Cellular or Wi-Fi connection
  • Any phone (smartphone, cell phone, or landline phone)
  • Phone service
  • Duo Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, or
  • Stored passcodes that Two-Step Login can text to a smartphone or cell phone, or
  • Hardware token
  • For Duo Mobile app, none needed
  • For texted passcodes, cellular or Wi-Fi network one time, then none needed
  • For hardware tokens, none needed
  • None needed
  • MacOS Touch ID with Chrome browser
  • Wi-Fi connection

Enroll Devices

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