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Computer Security

Secure Login for Cornell Applications

When you log in through CUWebLogin, the combination of everything involved in the process—your ID, your password, and the authentication the system provides after verifying your information—establishes your credentials.  Your credentials allow you to access restricted applications.

CUWebLogin allows you to access restricted web pages. It does this by presenting you with a secure web form that asks you for your NetID, GuestID, or WCMC CWID and associated password.

Two screenshots. The left image shows CUWebLogin as it has appeared for the past few years. The image on the right shows the updated screen, which includes "Always Verify" and "Support" sections.

Most CIT-affiliated services that require authentication support the use of CUWebLogin. For services maintained by another department, you will need to check with that department.

After logging in, you will be able to access multiple sites that support CUWebLogin without needing to type in your NetID and password at each site. Remember that you have authentication credentials which someone else could use if you walk away from your computer. 

When you're done using websites that require Cornell authentication, clear your credentials by closing ALL your browser windows and exiting your browser.

Service Details


No Fee

Regulated Data:

Not applicable or information not available.

Compare to:

2 NetIDs

The NetID is the unique electronic identifier in which the password permits secure access to non-public Cornell resources and information.

3 Two-Step Login

Extra security for your Cornell NetID password

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