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Add a New Device to Two-Step Login

How to add a new device (smartphone, tablet, landline, cell phone, hardware token, or U2F token) to use when authenticating with Two-Step Login

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

Go to the Device Management Portal

Go to the Device Management portal using one of the following methods.

After you authenticate with Two-Step Login, you will be taken to the portal.

Add a Device at the Device Management Portal

To add a new device:

  1. At the Device Management portal, click the Add a Device panel.

  2. On the Select an Option screen, click one of the available methods. 

    For more information about devices you can use, visit Choose Your Authentication Device.
The process for adding a hardware token is different -- for information visit Hardware Tokens for Two-Step Login.
  1. During the process of adding a device, you may be asked:
    • To enter the device's phone number (where applicable).
    • For a smartphone or tablet, to download, install, and activate the Duo Mobile app.
    • For a USB security key, to insert your device in a USB port on your computer. When prompted, touch the flashing key icon on the U2F security key.
    • For Mac Touch ID, to place your finger on the Touch ID sensor when prompted.
Screenshots of each step are available from Duo Security and in the IT@Cornell page Two-Step Login Setup Guide.

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