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Manage Two-Step Login Devices

How to configure your Two-Step Login devices and add new ones

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

There are two ways to manage your Two-Step Login devices.

From the Manage Your Two-Step Login page

  1. Go to Manage Your Two-Step Login. Log in with your Cornell NetID and password, then click Login.
  2. Click Manage Devices (below the list of your currently enrolled devices). 
  3. You will be prompted to authenticate with Duo.
  4. After you have authenticated, the My Settings and Devices webpage will appear.

  5. To update settings for a device, click the blue Device Options button to the right of its name. This opens the available options for managing that device.

    • For a device with the Duo Mobile app installed, click Reactivate Duo Mobile to start the process of verifying the device.
    • To update the name of the device in Two-Step Login, click Change Device Name.
    • To remove a device from Two-Step Login, click the red Trash icon.
  6. To change your default device and authentication method:
    • Choose a device from the Default Device dropdown. (Only devices you have set up already are available here. If you would like to add a device, visit Add a New Device to Two-Step Login.)
    • Choose a method from the When I log in dropdown. (Only methods that can be used with your default device will appear here.)

From the Two-Step Login authentication prompt

  1. From the Two-Step Login authentication prompt, click Other options.
  2. Then from the bottom of the list, select Manage devices. You will need to authenticate to proceed.
  3. Login using Two-Step Login. After you have authenticated, at the Manage devices screen, either:
    • In the panel for a device you have already added, click Edit to change settings.
    • In the panel for an existing phone device, if you have gotten a new phone and need to update Duo's settings to reflect that, click I have a new phone. For details, see Replace Your Smartphone Listed in Two-Step Login.
    • Click Add a device to set up another device for use with Duo. For details, see Add a New Device to Two-Step Login.

Hardware tokens are treated differently from other devices. After you have enrolled a token, the only change you can make is to delete the token.  You cannot change its name or make it your default device.

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