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Protect Yourself from Tax Fraud

As the deadline for filing your taxes approaches, scammers are hard at work phishing for your personal information and impersonating the IRS. Tax scams can take many forms. It's important to be knowledgeable so you can protect your personal information.

PMI Virtual Event: Project Managing Damiani Wine Cellars

The PMI Ithaca Branch is hosting a virtual meeting on April 16, 2024. The topic will be "Uncorking Success: Project Managing Damiani Wine Cellars."

CatGPT - AI Innovation at Cornell

From the Cornell Chronicle: Feline-centric chatbot connects cat owners with credible, science-based information in a novel way. 

Explore AI at Cornell

Cornell’s AI strategy includes experimenting with generative AI as one of its four pillars. The other pillars are establishing an AI Advisory Council, soliciting AI project ideas, and establishing an AI Initiatives team. Microsoft Copilot Enterprise is being introduced as an experimental tool for the Cornell community.

Innovation in Action: SC Johnson College of Business and CIT Join Forces

Reflecting on the partnership, Damiani shared, “This is a good model for future endeavors. It would have been hard for the college to find and onboard the talent they needed when it was here all along. By collaborating, we’ve all had an opportunity to learn new systems, technologies, approaches, and make new friendships.”

Help Build Cornell's Defense Against Digital Threats with PhishAlarm

Use PhishAlarm to report suspicious email and help build the first wall of defense against digital threats.

Employees Can Now Make Campus Phone Numbers Private

Change your campus phone's visibility setting to Private in Workday to hide your number from Cornell's online directory.

Zoom Whiteboards Available to Share with Non-Cornell Participants Starting March 17, 2024

Starting Sunday, March 17, 2024, Cornell will make Zoom options available that give Cornell hosts and participants the ability to allow and control sharing of Zoom Whiteboards to participants outside Cornell. This functionality previously required a request to IT staff to be enabled for Cornell hosts and participants. This change will also expand the Zoom profile options to set defaults for whiteboard sharing.

Use Best Practices Collaborating with Weill Cornell Medicine and Qatar on Teams

When someone at Ithaca or Cornell Tech wants to work with someone at WCM or WCM-Qatar or vice versa, use a shared channel. Using shared channels will ensure the best possible Teams experience for all participants.

New Microsoft Teams Client Will Be Default Experience on or Before March 21, 2024

On March 21, 2024, all individuals using Microsoft Teams on a Cornell account will default to the new Teams client. For some groups, the new Teams client is already the default experience. This change precedes the end of access to classic Teams in May 2024. Your primary Technical Support Provider may remove classic Teams at any point between now and the Microsoft-imposed date in May

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