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Strategic Storage Initiative Update

The Strategic Storage Initiative, launched in 2021, continues its efforts to provide services that meet Cornell's storage needs in a financially sustainable manner.

Safe Links And Marketing Emails

Safe Links, coming to Cornell in October, may affect how certain emails look as well as link statistics.

OneDrive Updated with People, Meeting, and Sharing-Based Organization, Plus Colored Folders

Cornell's Microsoft OneDrive file storage and collaboration service has experienced major improvements in speed, organization and personalization.

Business Analysis SIG - October Meeting Postponed

A new meeting date and time is forthcoming.

Two-Step Login (Duo) Introduces Muted Push Feature

Duo has introduced a feature designed to help users prevent “mobile push harassment.” Going forward, when a user marks an authentication request as fraudulent, Duo will temporarily mute push notifications for 20 minutes, eliminating harassment from repeated scam notifications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Cornell

As Cornell continues to explore artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI, here are some preliminary guidelines for using these rapidly evolving technologies in ways that uphold the university's core values of purposeful discovery and free and open inquiry and expression.

Current Top Ten Hot IT Topics

Looking for more about key IT@Cornell services? This list is updated regularly to reflect topics Cornell users are seeking assistance with or looking for more information about.

New IT@Cornell Website Launched September 25, 2023

The updated IT@Cornell website ( went live after the close of business hours on Monday, September 25, 2023. The launch concludes the new site project, which began late in 2022.

Ben Maddox Named Chief Information Officer

Ben Maddox, the chief academic technology officer at New York University, has been named chief information officer for the Ithaca campus and Cornell Tech. 

Microsoft Safe Links Will Soon Provide More Protection Against Malicious Links

Safe Links makes sure that a link does not send you to a malicious site.

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