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Current Top Ten Hot IT Topics

Looking to find out more more about key IT@Cornell services? This list is updated periodically to reflect topics most in demand by those in the Cornell community.

Degree Audit Platform Available to Select College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Majors in Coming Months

The Degree Audit (Stellic) platform is Cornell's Ithaca & Cornell Tech campuses’ upcoming online degree management, planning, and auditing tool. The platform, which has been in development since fall of 2023 will launch later in 2024 to advisors and students within a small subset of CALS programs.

NYU Vice Provost for AI and Technology in Education Clay Shirky Shares Insights in Afternoon Keynote on May 29

Clay Shirky, the New York University Vice Provost for AI and Technology in Education, will give the afternoon keynote address for the May 29 Emerging Tech Dialogues: Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education event. 

TeamDynamix Will Upgrade to Version 11.9 on Saturday, May 11, 2024

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, TeamDynamix will be upgraded to version 11.9. This release will introduce several new and enhanced features.

Reduce Background Noise in Microsoft Teams with New Feature

A new voice isolation feature will be available in Microsoft Teams to improve background noise suppression on Monday, May 13, 2024.

IT Security Special Interest Group (SIG) Agenda for May

Cornell security liaisons, technical support providers, and those interested in learning more about security-related topics are invited to join the monthly IT Security SIG meeting.

Explore Artificial Intelligence Opportunities on May 29

A new symposium encourages faculty, staff, students, and researchers to share their ideas for potential applications of artificial intelligence.

Duo Restore Can Help Move Two-Step Login to a New Smartphone or Restore Lost Settings

The Duo Mobile app on your mobile device can be used, in conjunction with Google Drive or Apple iCloud backup, to move your Two-Step Login settings to a new smartphone or tablet device or to restore the settings to the same device when they have inadvertently been deleted or lost.

Apply for AWS Cloud Computing Credits by May 17

$100,000 in AWS credits is available to Cornell faculty, staff, and student researchers. Apply by May 17, 2024.

Beware the New LastPass Phishing Scam

As reported by PCMag, a new scam is targeting LastPass account-holders. Scammers are making calls and texts, pretending to be LastPass employees. They are using sophisticated techniques to mimic LastPass branding, which can make their phishing attempts difficult to identify.

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