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Two-Step Login secures your personal information and protects your access to Cornell systems, even when you aren't on campus. If you are now working remotely, but still have a Cornell University phone number as your primary authentication device, logging in will be more convenient if you...

Some users of Cornell-managed computers who are now working remotely may have concerns about the impact of Code42’s backup processes on their available bandwidth. CIT recommends that users contact their unit's IT...

Whether for personal reasons (illness, family care, etc.) or broader situations (pandemic, severe weather, etc.), you may need to be able to conduct your work from remote locations. If you need to work from home, IT@Cornell can help. Learn more about IT services that can help you work remotely...

Scammers are following the headlines and taking advantage of fears surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Learn how to protect yourself from misinformation, phishing attacks, and other targeted scams.

Collaboration and Utility Services has been leading the project to move our current version of Jira to an Atlassian-certified vendor to be cloud-hosted.

As CIT staff are increasingly aware, Two-Step Login adds an extra layer of security to your Cornell NetID and password. By March 17, 2020, all CIT contract staff with Sponsored NetIDs will be required to use Two-Step Login for Office 365 and CUWebLogin. If you haven't already, we recommend...

Due to the most recent updates on COVID-19, as well as the president’s statement prohibiting non-essential events of more than 100 people, we have decided to cancel the 2020 event. Be sure to save the date for the next Inclusive Excellence Summit, which will be held April 21, 2021.

Adobe Sign will introduce a new streamlined dashboard on March 12, 2020*. The updated interface is designed to highlight the most common actions and make e-signature tools more visible and easier to use. (*Note: Adobe has delayed this update until mid-to-late March 2020.)

The Project Management Institute–Rochester, Ithaca Branch, will host a talk by consultant and facilitator Michael J. Swenson on the topic, "What's Trust Got to Do with It?" on Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

Due to the most recent updates on COVID-19, we have decided to cancel the 2020 event. Be sure to join us for next year's IT@Cornell Hobby and Talent Showcase.

By February 7, 2020, the project to decommission will have removed access for all Cornell mail accounts that connected fewer than 200 times between January 15 and 27.