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Mass Communication & Marketing Project Update - Winter 2024

With approval for continued “Phase 3” funding, Cornell’s implementation of Marketing Cloud (MC) is moving to the next level. In 2024, Phase 3 will expand beyond the work already accomplished for University Relations, Alumni Affairs and Development, Student and Campus Life, and Human Relations to colleges, units, and departments across campus. Next steps include determining strategies for unit and college on-boarding, building an enterprise preference center, and selecting email marketing tools to work with Marketing Cloud.

New Degree Auditing and Course Schedule Planning System in Development

The Office of University Registrar (OUR), Cornell Information Technologies (CIT), colleges and schools will partner to implement Stellic, a degree audit planning and tracking platform and course schedule planning system.

Cornell IT Services to Begin Using Workday Business Title in Profiles Rather than Position Title

Starting Sunday, December 17, 2023, a change will be made to employee job titles in Cornell Active Directory (AD), affecting systems that derive employee job titles from AD. Going forward, the job title in AD will reflect the Business Title from Workday rather than Position Title.

Microsoft Home at

You can now get to your Cornell Microsoft online files more quickly at This new shortcut takes you directly to Microsoft Home, which provides ready access to your own or shared documents.

Check for Google Files Shared By Someone Who Has Left

If you collaborate on documents stored in Cornell Google services like Google Drive, check to make sure that nothing you need was shared by someone who has left the university.

Protect Yourself from Online Scams This Holiday Season

Cybercriminals are busy year-round, but they are busier than ever during the holiday season. With more shopping, everyone gets more notifications and emails, so scammers know they have more chances to get your information and money. Protect yourself from scams by being cautious about urgent emails, tempting ads, and exciting offers.

Watch Out for Whaling: Phishing Targeting Leaders

“Whaling” is a sophisticated form of phishing that targets an organization's top leaders. It uses clever social engineering and generative artificial intelligence to look like it’s from people you know and trust -- the president, provost, vice provosts, vice presidents, or deans. 

Collaborate with Colleagues Outside Cornell in Microsoft Teams

If you'd like to broaden your use of Microsoft Teams beyond Cornell, individuals who are outside the university can be added as external guests to a team.

Tech Tip: Clear Cache, Clear Conscience

Caching is intended to help the website load faster, but it might also cause issues if there are too many files stored in the browser’s cache folder. Clearing the cache can be an important first step in resolving issues related to internet browsing. 

Upcoming Minor Change to CUWebLogin (Shibboleth) Login Process, Starting November 26, 2023

Starting Sunday, November 26, 2023, Cornell users will see a minor change when they log into Cornell IT services using the CUWebLogin webpage. By default, the Remember My Username checkbox will be checked, and the current browser instance will auto-fill the user’s Cornell NetID in the Username (NetID) field the next time they login. Users logging in from a shared or public device should remember to always uncheck the R

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