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On March 21, 2024, all individuals using Microsoft Teams on a Cornell account will default to the new Teams client. For some groups, the new Teams client is already the default experience. This change precedes the end of access to classic Teams in May 2024.

Your primary Technical Support Provider may remove classic Teams at any point between now and the Microsoft-imposed date in May. If you are no longer able to access classic Teams with your Cornell account on your personal devices or managed devices before May, put in a ticket with your primary Technical Support Provider.

If your local Technical Support Provider has not yet removed your access to classic Teams, then you can switch between new and classic Teams at will. Everyone is encouraged to take this opportunity to become familiar with the new Teams experience.

The new desktop client features several improvements.

  • The new Teams loads faster, using less memory and disk space than classic Teams.
  • The interface provides streamlined actions for notifications, search, and messages.
  • Simultaneous sign-in across multiple accounts will be possible, such as using a guest account at another organization to access a shared team.

A more definitive timeline for the discontinuation of classic Teams will be shared once it’s available.


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