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EZ-Backup Discount Overview

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

In order to more fairly recover costs, the EZ-Backup service provides the following discounts:

  • The Extra Storage Discount for individual systems, or collections of systems within a single department which meet certain qualifications, provides a reduced rate for up to 15 GB of additional storage beyond the 35 GB included with the monthly fee for each system, and a further reduced rate for storage beyond that.
  • The >100 GB Static Data Discount for individual systems which qualify as having extremely static (for example, archival) data provides a reduced rate for extra storage above 100 GB. (The 35 GB of basic storage included with the monthly fee do not count towards this discount, so the account must have a total of more than 135 GB of storage in total.)
  • The >50 Nodes per Department Discount for groups with more than 50 nodes, the base monthly fee per node is discounted for the 51st and subsequent nodes.

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