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EZ-Backup Bill Example: >100 GB Static Data Discount

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

The following is an example of a Billing Summary email for a system qualifying for the >100 GB Static Data Rate. Detailed explanations of the terminology are available in our Glossary of Terms article.

Bill to: KFS# IT-ABC1234-_____-6601-___-__________-________

               Nodename             Backup Archiv  Total  Extra   $ Base  $ Extra  $ Total

               -------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ -------- -------- --------

            *  ORG.IMAGEDB.EZBACKUP 535.3G   0.0M 535.3G 485.3G     5.50    14.56    20.06

          Total for 1 node          535.3G   0.0M 535.3G 485.3G     5.50    14.56    20.06

            *                                  ">100GB Static Data Discount":   -$    3.85


                                                  NET CHARGE TO THIS ACCOUNT:    $   16.21


            *     Explanation of Static Data Discount:

                    --- Discount Qualifiers ---

                          Qualifying System: ORG.IMAGEDB.EZBACKUP@ADSM4

                    --- Discount Calculation ---

                                     Extra Storage:     485.3G
                              Extra Storage >100GB:     385.3G
                   Credit for Extra Storage >100GB:   -$  3.85

                                              Credit allocated to this account: -$   3.85


Notes for the above example:

  1. Any system qualifying for the "Static Data Discount" will automatically qualify for the "Extra Storage Discount," so both discounts are listed.
  2. The ">100 GB" discount applies only to extra storage (beyond the 50 GB basic storage included with the monthly fee), so to qualify, an account must have more than 150 GB of storage in total.

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