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EZ-Backup Bill Example: Basic

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

The following is an example of a Billing Summary email that a departmental account representative might receive. Detailed explanations of the terminology are available in our Glossary of Terms article.

Bill to: KFS# IT-ABC1234-_____-6601-___-__________-________

         Nodename             Backup Archiv  Total  >Extra   $ Base  $ Extra  $ Total

         -------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ -------- -------- --------

         ORG.DONNA.EZBACKUP@-   4.5G   0.0M   4.5G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50


         ORG.JANET.EZBACKUP@-   9.4G 200.0M   9.6G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50


         ORG.KAREN.EZBACKUP@-  10.0G   0.0M  10.0G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50


         ORG.MIKE.EZBACKUP@A-   5.4G   0.0M   5.4G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50


         ORG.PAUL.EZBACKUP@A-   3.4G   0.0M   3.4G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50


         ORG.ROBERT.EZBACKUP-  70.5G   0.0M  70.5G  20.5G     5.50     0.41     6.12


     Total for 6 nodes        103.2G 200.0M 103.4G  20.5G    33.00     0.41    33.41


Notes for the above example:

  1. There are a total of 6 systems using EZ-Backup and being charged to this account.
  2. The storage quantities listed here are for compressed data that is being stored on the EZ-Backup server. The data is compressed by the workstation before being sent to the EZ-Backup server. The actual amount of data being backed up (uncompressed) is probably much more. Compression rates will vary, depending on the type of data that is being stored.
  3. DONNA, JANET, KAREN, MIKE, and PAUL all have less than 50 GB of total compressed data each, and are therefore charged the minimum of $5.50.
  4. JANET is using 200MB of archival storage. Her total of both backup data and archived data is still under 50 GB, so she is charged the minimum of $5.50.
  5. ROBERT has more than 50 GB of compressed data and is therefore charged an extra $0.41 (for 20.5GB at $0.02 per GB) for the amount of storage in excess of 50 GB.

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