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Check Timestamp of Most Recent Backup (EZ-Backup Windows)

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

  1. Start up the TSM Backup Client (Start - (All) Programs - Tivoli Storage Manager - Backup Archive GUI).
  2. Click Restore.
  3. Click the plus sign next to File Level to expand the item.
  4. Single-click (to select/highlight) the filespace of interest (for example, \\wintest\c$ ).
    (Note: Do not click inside the grey box next to the filespace name. That is used to select items to restore.)
  5. Click the Information icon located in the tool bar directly below the File menu. An Information Window will open for the selected filespace.
  6. The date and time listed next to Last Incremental indicates when the last backup completed successfully.
  7. Close the Information Window.
  8. Close the Tivoli Storage Manager.

Note: The Last Incremental date and time only indicate when the last backup completed successfully. This information does not indicate that all of the files in the filespace were included in the backup process.

By default, most files are backed up by TSM. However, personal customization of the Include/Exclude list in the dsm.opt file can eliminate some files from backup.

To check that any customized Include/Exclude rules are working as intended, please see our Check Include/Exclude Rules article.

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