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EZ-Backup Terms and Conditions

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before registering for an EZ-Backup subscription.

  1. With my signature, I (hereafter called the "LICENSEE") acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
  2. The EZ-Backup service is based on a software product called TSM, Tivoli Storage Manager (formerly ADSM). References to EZ-Backup, below, refer as well to the TSM software product.
  3. EZ-Backup registrations cannot be transferred to another individual without filling out a subscription CHANGE request.
  4. EZ-Backup cannot be used by anyone who is not a current Cornell faculty, staff, student, or representative of a Cornell department (hereafter called the "Cornell Community").
  5. EZ-Backup software cannot be copied or distributed to anyone outside of the Cornell Community.
  6. CIT makes no representation with respect to the adequacy of EZ-Backup for any particular purpose or with respect to its adequacy to produce any particular result. CIT may not be held liable for loss or damage arising out of this Agreement or the use of EZ-Backup. In no event shall CIT be liable for special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages, (including economic loss), losses, costs, fees, or expenses of any nature or kind.
  7. The provision of this service shall terminate under any of the following conditions:
    1. The LICENSEE notifies CIT in writing that they no longer wish to receive this service. Requests may be made by submitting an EZ-Backup Subscription Form (form 85), with the CANCEL option selected, to the EZ-Backup Team, 714 Rhodes Hall. Requests should be sent 30 days in advance to ensure accurate billing. Specify the date on which the cancellation should take effect;
    2. The LICENSEE violates any of the Terms and Conditions specified in this agreement;
    3. CIT notifies the LICENSEE in writing that it will no longer provide this service. CIT will provide at least 90 days notice before terminating this service.
  8. There are no understandings, agreements, representations, or warranties, express or implied, other than as herein set forth or incorporated by specific reference by this Agreement.

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