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Forward Cmail to an External Address

This article applies to: Cmail: Email for Students

But we recognize that some people really want to. Here's how to set up your Cmail (also known as Cornell G Suite) account to forward all your email to another, non-Cornell address. Google limits your forwarding to one external address.

  1. Sign into to your Cmail account at
  2. At the upper right, click the gear icon, then click Settings.
  3. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  4. In the Forwarding section, click Add a forwarding address.
  5. Enter the email address you want to forward messages to.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Proceed.
  8. Click OK. A verification message will be sent to that address. 
  9. Open the account you want to forward to, find the verification message (the subject is Gmail Forwarding Confirmation), then click the verification link in that message.
  10. Back in your Cmail account, on the Settings page, refresh your browser. You do NOT need to enter a verification code.
  11. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  12. In the Forwarding section, select Forward a copy of incoming mail to.
  13. Choose what you want to happen with the Gmail copy of your emails. We recommend keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox.
  14. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

After following this procedure, all messages delivered to your Cmail account will also be forwarded to the address you specified.

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