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User Experience

When I try to connect to eduroam, my password is not accepted and the connection fails. I know I'm typing my password correctly.

How to Solve this Problem When you connect to eduroam, you must enter your NetID followed by . If you enter just your NetID, the...Read more
Because many different versions of Android are in use, the illustrations that follow are intended to provide a generic guide how to configure your Wi-Fi settings. Your own device's exact appearance may differ. On your Android device, go to Settings , then tap...Read more
Select eduroam from the Airport menu bar item.

When prompted, enter: Username: Your, for example Password: Your NetID password. Click Join .

When prompted to examine the server's...Read more

You can share the Google Docs associated with your G Suite for Students (formerly Cmail) account or your Cornell G Suite (faculty/staff) account in a number of ways. Each document can be shared with

No one Only the people you specify (through their G Suite account) Anyone who has the link...Read more
Check the Service Alerts for information on system-wide issues, for example, if everyone on your floor is having connection issues.

Most of the time difficulty connecting to eduroam is caused by either:

Old Wi-Fi profiles...Read more
Students : Standard network rates apply. Faculty and Staff : No charges associated with Wi-Fi usage. Visitors : No charges associated with Wi-Fi usage.

Note : If you...Read more