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Identity Management

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Identity and Access Management describes the business processes, standards, practices, and technologies that enable the Cornell community to access online resources in a way that balances functionality with data security and privacy. It's built on three cornerstones: policy, process, and IT infrastructure.


Identity and Access Management is provided through a suite of mission-critical services, which support secure access to Cornell's IT services and systems. Implementing a set of tools, policies, and practices to manage authentication helps safeguard university data and ensures that only authorized users access the appropriate Cornell services.

Most Identity and Access Management services rely on a Cornell NetID and password to enable online access to non-public resources and information. Two-Step Login adds an extra layer of security to your Cornell NetID and password.

Expanding Two-Step Login to include all Cornell services that require CUWebLogin further protects your authentication credentials. It's one of the best measures you can take to protect your personal information and Cornell's data.

Service Details

Regulated Data:

See the Regulated Data Chart for Cornell policy considerations for this service.

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