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More About Former Postdoc Email

This article applies to: Email @ Cornell , Microsoft Outlook , NetIDs

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During Your Time as a Postdoc

You have the same access to email and calendar resources as staff

Postdocs Who Have Left the University

Once you depart:

  • If you are also a Cornell alum you will continue to have access to your Google Workspace and Office 365 accounts according to the guidelines provided by the Strategic Storage Initiative.
  • All other postdocs continue to have access to Office 365 email. You can set up forwarding to another address through Office 365 if you wish. You will not have access to your Cornell Google Workspace account. Make sure that you have all of the emails and files that you want to keep. You can use a commercial option such as VaultMe, or export your own Google Workspace content using Google Takeout
  • If you did not request an email account prior to leaving the university, you are not entitled to request one now.


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