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Get Online

Connect to eduroam, Cornell's secure wireless (Wi-Fi) network, to access the Internet, keep everything you do online private, and use your eduroam account at other eduroam institutions .

Select the eduroam Wi-Fi network . Sign in with...Read more

Identity Management is provided through a suite of mission-critical services, which support secure access to Cornell's IT services and systems. Implementing a set of tools, policies, and practices to manage authentication helps safeguard university data and ensures that only authorized users...Read more

Net-Print is a printing service offered by Cornell Information Technologies. It's a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to print. With Net-Print, you can use any networked computer to send files over the campus network to...Read more

Most CIT-affiliated websites that require authentication support the use of CUWebLogin. Websites maintained by other departments frequently do, but it is possible that you may have to authenticate in another way. If you have questions about how to sign in to a website that is not maintained by...Read more

Log in with a NetID

When you open a web page protected by CUWebLogin, the CUWebLogin dialog will appear. Fill in your NetID (just the letters and numbers, without "") and password, then click the Login button or press the Enter key.

As soon as you are logged in,...Read more

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Step Login adds an extra layer of security to your Cornell NetID and password by requiring:

something you know (your NetID and your password), plus something you have (a physical device, like your phone)

This is called...Read more

CUWebLogin allows you to access restricted web pages. It does this by presenting you with a secure web form that asks you for your NetID , GuestID , or...Read more