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Log In Using a USB Security Key for Two-Step Login

How to use a USB security key to authenticate with Two-Step Login

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

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Log In Using a Security Key (USB Device)

Supported browsers include Chrome 70 or later, Firefox 60 or later, Safari 13 or later, or Microsoft Edge 79 or later. For more information, see Security Keys and Duo.
  1. Insert your security key in a USB port on your computer.
  2. When prompted by CUWebLogin, enter your NetID and Password and select Login. The Duo prompt will show the Use your security key screen. 

    If you do not see a Use Security Key to login message (for example, if the Duo push screen appears), click Other Options and select Use security key from the list.  

  3. Select Trust browser checkbox, if available and if desired.
  4. Tap the flashing button on your security key.

    Picture of hand tapping a U2F token inserted in a computer's USB port  
  5. If your security key does not flash, remove your device and reinsert it. Then tap the flashing button.

For additional details, visit Duo Guide to Security Keys.

Purchase a Security Key

Security keys are available online from many vendors. For example, Yubico offers a Security Key.

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