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Schedule Maintenance

Times and days when maintenance can be scheduled for managed servers

This article applies to: Managed Servers

Business Days Saturdays & Holidays Sundays
12:00 am
to 5:00 am
Emergency Response Only Emergency Response Only Emergency Response Only
5:00 am
to 7:00 am
Planned Maintenance
(May disrupt the service)
Planned Maintenance
(May disrupt the service)
7:00 am
to 8:30 am
No Changes
8:30 am
to 12:00 pm
Non-disruptive Maintenance
(Does not affect the service)
12:00 pm
to 4:00 pm
Emergency Response Only
4:00 pm
to 5:30 pm
No Changes
5:30 pm
to 12:00 am
Emergency Response Only
  • Planned Maintenance: Changes of high risk or that may disrupt a published service should occur during the planned maintenance windows. (Scheduled for the least active time of day.)
  • Non-Disruptive Maintenance: Virtualization and redundancy allow many non-service affecting changes to occur during regular business hours with little to no risk.
  • No Changes: Maintenance is not scheduled because if an issue occurs it can be difficult to reach essential staff during these standard commuting hours.
  • Emergency Response Only: Automated maintenance, such as OS or DB patching, and vendor maintenance outside of Cornell's control may occur. Other maintenance should be scheduled in the appropriate maintenance windows. Systems Support is available 24x7x365 for service-affecting issues. Contact the IT Service Desk at 607-255-5500 and ask the staff member to connect you to the Systems Administrator on call, noting that this request should be considered urgent.

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