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Overview of On-call Lists, Contact Information, and Server Monitoring

The IT Service Desk monitors servers and services. If there is an issue with your server or a service on that server, the service desk will contact the people on the On-Call list for that server or service.

This article applies to: Managed Servers

Three connected systems are part of the monitoring and on-call contact process: 

  • NOCDOCS: Stores the on-call lists and actual contact information (phone numbers, etc.) for the individuals on those lists. This is where you enter and keep your on-call contact information up to date. The location (URL) of the on-call list is entered into SF Info.
  • SF Info (Server Farm Information): Stores information about servers including technical contacts and watchers, on-call list locations, server description and services attached, monitoring and response schedule (9-5, 7x24, etc.), billing data of record. SF Info refers to the on-call list created and stored in NOCDOCS. 
  • Opsview: Displays server and service status, historical performance data. Opsview pulls the service name and the technical contacts and watchers from SF Info. Opsview uses that information to send email notifications to contacts listed for the server and service. Alerts in Opsview can be configured to trigger a call to contacts on the on-call lists maintained in NOCDOCS.
Important! For servers or services that require contact as a result of alerts, it is essential that you create on-call lists in NOCDOCS and then keep the information up to date.

Steps to set up contact information and monitoring:

  1. Set up your account and enter contact information in NOCDOCS.
    See How to Set Up Contact Information for On-Call Lists.
  2. Create on-call lists and add individuals in NOCDOCS. Link to contact list page. 
    See How to Create a New On-Call List.
  3. Attach services to your server and double-check the information stored in SF Info. Be sure to add the location (URL) of the on-call list you created in NOCDOCS.
    See SF Info: Set up Monitoring for Servers and Services.
  4. Log in to Opsview to view status, change notifications or email address for notifications.
    See Opsview: Accounts, Notifications, and Email Contacts.

If you need assistance with contact information for on-call lists, send email to

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