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Restricted Applications in the Server Farm

This article applies to: Managed Servers

There are several applications that are not appropriate for customers to run on a managed server in the Server Farm. These applications might reproduce existing central functions, be a security risk, or they may break our management model.

If there is an application that you use where you feel a central service is not sufficient, please email us so we can evaluate the feature enhancement.

These applications include:

  • Domain Controllers (breaks our management model, reproduces central service)
  • DNS Servers (reproduces central service)
  • DHCP servers (reproduces central service)
  • Hypervisors, such as ESX, Hyper-V, and XenServer (reproduces central service)
  • Virtual Appliances (not managed; breaks our management model)
  • VPN, Firewalls and Network Scanners (reproduces central services)
  • CPanel and other system and network management software (reproduces central services)

If you use a managed windows server to run applications that are typically run on a workstation, such as checking email or browsing the web, this is considered to be a gray area. The security risks for these sorts of machines are higher. Please work with us to develop the security perimeter around this machine.

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