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Create CNAME Without Owning the Target Domain

Manage domain names for a server in the server farm.

This article applies to: Managed Servers

If you are pointing an Internet hostname that belongs to your Internet domain at a webserver provided by the IT datacenter or by a non-Cornell web hosting company, you can do so by creating a CNAME DNS record.  

If you'd like the Systems Support group to do this for you, send email to


  • Your domain:
  • Your webserver:
  • DNS CNAME record:  CNAME
  • Name:

If your domain is enrolled in Cornell's DNSDB with you as netadmin, you can create a CNAME using the DNSDB batch facility. 

  1. Connect to:
  2. Enter your batch command(s) in the text area. For example:
  3. Select Allow cnames to point to a target domain you do not own.

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