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Central IT Service Group (CITSG) Support

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The Central IT Service Group (CITSG) provides desktop support to more than 50 campus units, including Cornell Information Technologies, Division of Financial Affairs, Facilities and Campus Services, University Relations, Human Resources, Division of Budget and Planning, Compliance and Risk Services, University Registrar, Graduate School, and Vice Provost for International Affairs.

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Response Time

Under normal conditions, CIT’s target response (a response is when a request has been acknowledged and assigned) for typical support requests is one business day. Management staff monitor requests remaining in the queue and assign priority based on the following criteria:

Any unscheduled outage with wide-ranging business impact requiring immediate resolution, or problems that would affect the productivity of multiple people. For example, services unavailable due to the server being down. For Urgent requests, call 255-5500 and state the issue as “Urgent”. Response time: within one business hour.

Issue affecting a single customer who cannot perform their job. For example, a computer will not power up, a customer is unable to log onto computer, or a hard drive has failed. Response time: within 4 business hours.

Issue affecting a single customer, limiting their ability to perform their job. For example, a customer is unable to print to a particular printer, but can print elsewhere. Response time: within one business day.

After-Hours Support

If you're contacting support after standard hours, on the weekend, or on a holiday, please e-mail

If your issue is urgent, please follow up with a phone call to 607-255-5500 as soon as the IT Service Desk opens (hours are 8am-6pm ET, Monday-Friday).

Helpful Information

When reporting an issue, please provide this information if possible to expedite our ability to respond: 

  • The problem you are experiencing
  • The equipment you are using, including operating system, if applicable
  • What triggers the problem, if it can be identified
  • Any error messages you have received, with screenshots, if possible
  • How often the problem occurs
  • What steps you have taken to try to fix it, if any
  • The best way and time to contact you

Always identify yourself as a member of the CITSG Service Group to help the IT Service Desk efficiently manage your problem or request.

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