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E-Lists of Interest to Technical Support Providers

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

E-lists (or mailing lists) are an important tool for keeping in touch with other technical support providers. They also offer a forum to discuss and get help with technical issues.

To subscribe to an e-list, send the command join to, where listname is the full name of the list. For example,

To submit a request to join a "closed" e-list, send an e-mail to, where listname is the full name of the list.


This is an unmoderated discussion list on the general topic of computer technology in education. It is restricted to members of the Cornell community, and is very low-traffic. The Academic Technology Center (ATC) staff uses the list to post announcements of their own presentations and training workshops, as well as announcements of national conferences or campus-based events concerning technology in teaching. The ATC also sends out a monthly newsletter with upcoming events and some web sites of interest.


The Cornell Campus IT Managers (formerly Cornell Computing Directors [CCD]) organization is an interest group comprised of information technology (IT) directors and managers for the colleges and other units at Cornell University. Its members have a unique IT perspective that encompasses both management and detailed technical realities. The purpose of the CCIM is to enrich the Cornell IT community through advice, education, and advocacy. This list is closed subscription, open posting. To request to be added to this list, please send an e-mail to


The list helps distribute information pertaining to identifying, evaluating, and supporting emerging computer, video, and audio technologies for use by faculty and students in teaching spaces. It's also a place to discuss classroom design guidelines. The list is moderated and fairly low traffic.


This list is for ColdFusion developers.


This list is for ColdFusion users within the Cornell community to announce meetings, ask technical questions, and support the use of ColdFusion.


Subscribe to this list to stay up to date with Confluence announcements.


The purpose of this list is to discuss specific issues related to Filemaker.


A list for Computer Lab Administration issues at Cornell. If you run a computer lab, or are interested in lab issues, please subscribe. The list is intended as a place for lab-related announcements and questions where our collective knowledge can be shared for everyone's benefit.


An unmoderated, low-traffic listĀ for discussions about the Mac OS on campus and related topics. The list is often used to bounce ideas off fellow support providers when problems arise, and carries announcements about Apple visits to campus, information about new hardware, and other relevant topics.


The list exists to facilitate communication between members of the Cornell community who operate web servers and/or write web pages for servers based at Cornell. It is open to members of the Cornell community only, and only people subscribed to the list may post to it.


This list exists to facilitate a private, secure discussion of security issues, concerns, and problems related to information technology at Cornell. This list is closed subscription and limited to Cornell staff. Subscribers use this list to warn others about new security holes or vulnerabilities, notify others about attempted or actual break-ins that have occurred on campus, and discuss potential security concerns and possible solutions.


This list provides a means for two-way communication among all computer and network administrators on campus. The Net-Admin-L list is the main discussion forum for anyone maintaining a network, or networked computers, at Cornell. Networking questions, answers, and announcements are welcome.

This list should not be used to report problems; contact the IT Service Desk instead.


This e-list is for technology support providers and any member of the user community who wishes to track the status of the Cornell campus network, particularly the data infrastructure. The IT Service Desk uses this e-list to announce planned network outages as well as unexpected trouble.

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