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Send Messages to an E-list (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

Sending a message to the members of an e-list is almost exactly like sending any other email message.

Put the e-list address in the To field.

Be sure to include the hyphen and the letter L at the end of the list name. In this example, it's




Messages should be kept as small as possible. The maximum attachment size is about 700 KB. Fortunately, there are other ways to distribute files to list members.

What happens after you send your message depends on the way the list administrators have set up this e-list.

  • Unmoderated lists: messages are delivered to all list members exactly as submitted.
  • Moderated lists: each message is reviewed by a list administrator, who can reject messages if they are not appropriate for this list. The administrator may also edit your message before sending it on to the list.
  • Announcement lists: only administrators can post messages to these lists. If you try to post to an announcement list (and you don't have administrative privileges), you'll receive an error message.


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