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Type of Student Voice Service at Your Residence Location

The type of student voice service available to you depends on where your university residence hall is located.

This article applies to: Student Voice Service

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Your residence location determines what type of voice service is available to you.

Type I Student Voice Service

Type II Student Voice Service

  • Voice service is provided
  • Phone set is provided
  • No common area phones

Type III Student Voice Service

Common Area Phones

Common area phones allow emergency 911, campus, outbound local, and toll free calling. Inbound calls are restricted. Students making domestic and international long distance calls are required to use a personal calling card or a Cornell-issued PIN number. Domestic calls placed from a common area phone are not billable calls, but a PIN is required to unrestrict the phone.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

All students using Cornell provided voice services need a PIN to make billable phone calls from anywhere on campus. This seven digit number identifies you, and ensures that only the international long distance calls you place are billed to your Bursar account. PIN's can be used on any restricted phone. 

Your Residence Location

Type I Student Voice Service

14 South Ave.
112 Edgemoor
ACH-Baker Tower
ACH-Boldt Tower
ACH-Boldt Hall/Language House
 ACH-North Baker Hall
Alice Cook House (ACH)
Balch Hall
Carl Becker House
Cascadilla Hall
Clara Dickson Hall
Court-Kay-Bauer Hall
Flora Rose House (FRH)
FRH-Founders Hall
FRH-Lyon Hall
FRH-Mennen Hall
FRH-South Baker Hall
Hans Bethe House (HBH)
HBH-McFaddin Hall
High Rise #5
Holland International Living Center
Jameson Hall
Just About Music
Latino Living Center
Low Rise #6
Low Rise #7
Mary Donlon Hall
McLLU: Multicultural Living Learning Unit
Mews Hall
Risley Residential College
Ujamaa Residential College
Schuyler House
Sheldon Court
William Keeton House

Type II Student Voice Service

 Ecology House
 Hasbrouck Apartments
 Hughes Hall
 Townhouse Community

Type III Student Voice Service

Maplewood Park Apartments
Thurston Court Apartments

Support Contact:

Cornell IT Service Desk

Normal Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (Eastern Time)
Emergency Service Disruptions: After Hours Support


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