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Student Voice Service


Telephone Service for Residence Halls

Student Voice Service enables students who have a landline phone in their room or who use a common area phone to make emergency, campus, local, toll-free, and long distance calls.

Standard telephone service is available at all student housing locations. The type of service available to you depends on where your university residence hall is located.

Using Student Voice Service you can make the following types of calls:

  • emergency
  • campus
  • local
  • toll-free
  • long distance*

*Students making international long distance calls are required to use a personal calling card or a Cornell-issued PIN number.

Common Area Phones are available for emergency, campus, local, toll free and long distance calls. Students who want a personal Cornell voice line in their room may order this service directly from Cornell Information Technologies.

Fraternities and Sororities, please contact your House Representative.

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