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Current Top Ten Hot IT Topics

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Looking for more information on a popular IT@Cornell service? This list is updated regularly to reflect the topics Cornell users are most interested in learning more about. Here are the top 10 visited pages for IT@Cornell services.

Changes to Online Storage

Google has announced the end of unlimited storage for higher education. The Strategic Storage Initiative addresses changes needed to keep our storage services financially sustainable. Visit our Strategic Storage Initiative site for a summary and detailed information for faculty and staff, students, and alumni.

Manage Email with Outlook on the Web

Available to anyone with a Cornell Office 365 account, Outlook on the web lets you manage Cornell email and calendar through any major browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. If you're wondering how to sort, mark, or filter incoming mail to folders, check out Rules (Filters) in Outlook on the web.

Create and Distribute Surveys with Qualtrics

Using Qualtrics, Cornell faculty, students, and staff can create and distribute surveys to gather information that supports university projects and assignments. Have a demonstrated academic or business need to conduct a survey? Get started at Create a Qualtrics Account!

Email for Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and staff have access to a suite of Office services, which includes Outlook for email. Read about Email for Faculty and Staff and learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Office.  

Get the Scoop on CU Print for On-Campus Printing

CU Print is a fast, easy-to-use, and inexpensive way for students and others to print from networked computers to printers in libraries, computer labs, and elsewhere on campus. Review the CU Print Printer Locations or review how to Install CU Print.

Install Your Unit's Printers with PrinterLogic

PrinterLogic lets users connected to the Cornell network on a Windows or Mac computer manage networked printers in their unit. Your local IT staff will install PrinterLogic automatically to your managed computer. Once you’re up and running, learn how to Set Your Printer for Color or Black and White Printing.

Reduce Your Zoom Data Use

If you want to lower your bandwidth and data usage during Zoom meetings, Reducing Zoom Data and Bandwidth Use is the page for you.

Connect to Campus Wi-Fi with eduroam 

Keep Wi-Fi devices connected securely in any campus building using eduroam. Check out how to connect to eduroam from a variety of devices. 

Spot a Phish Before It Bites You

Wondering if that suspicious email in your Inbox is a malicious message trying to “phish” you by getting you to click a shady link or provide personal information? Look through the searchable archive of reported unsafe emails to confirm your suspicions. And if you think you’ve received something “phishy” that has not already been reported, take a moment to report it to the IT Security Office.

All About Your Cornell NetID

Learn about managing your Cornell NetID and read what access it provides by visiting What Services Does My NetID Give Me Access To?

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