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Replace Your Smartphone Listed in Two-Step Login

How to replace the smartphone you have listed in Two-Step Login using a new phone with the same phone number or a different phone number.

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

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When you have a new smartphone, there are a few steps you need to take to setup the phone you're using for your Two-Step Login account. What you do with your account depends on whether or not you kept your phone number or if you have a new number on your new smartphone.

These steps will also work if your phone had a factory reset.

If you have a new smartphone with the same phone number as your old phone

You can still access services that require Two-Step Login using your new phone and the "Call Me" login option.

To use Duo Push, you will need to install and activate the Duo Mobile app on your new phone.
  1. Using your new phone, download and install Duo Mobile from your phone's app store before continuing.
  2. Log into Manage Your Two-Step Login (link will open the page in a new tab).
  3. Click Manage Devices (below the list of your currently enrolled devices).
  4. Two-Step Login will prompt you to authenticate.
  • Use your new phone with the "Call Me" method, not Duo Push, or
  • Use a different device already enrolled for Two-Step Login (such as a different phone, landline, or a USB security key).
  1. In the panel for your old phone with the same phone number, click I have a new phone.

If the Duo Push prompt has timed out because your device needs to be activated, you can click the link I have a new phone on the Duo Push Timed Out prompt to begin this process as well.
  1. On the next screen, click Text me a link.

  2. Duo will walk you through the steps to verify the Duo Mobile App on your new phone.

For more information see "Reactivate Duo Mobile" in Duo Security's Managing Your Devices.

If you have a new smartphone AND a new phone number

In this case, you will need to delete the old device from your account and then enroll the new phone.

You can use an alternative Two-Step Login device, such as a landline phone or USB security key, to authenticate while logging in to the device management site. If you have not enrolled an alternate device, contact the IT Service Desk to request an emergency bypass code.

To enroll your new phone and delete the old phone

  1. On your new smartphone, download and install Duo Mobile from your phone's app store.
  2. Log in to Manage Your Two-Step Login.
  3. Select Manage Devices (located below the list of your currently enrolled devices).
  4. Authenticate with Two-Step Login using one of your alternative methods.
  5. In the panel for your old phone, click Edit.
  6. Remove your old phone from Two-Step Login.
  7. Then follow the steps at Add a New Device to Two-Step Login to add and verify your new phone.
If you need to authenticate while adding the new phone, you can either:

•   Use your new phone with the Call Me method, but not Duo Push, or
•   Use a different method or device that you have enrolled for Two-Step Login.

For more information, see Duo Security's Adding a new device.

Support Contact:

Cornell IT Service Desk

Normal Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (Eastern Time)
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