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Cornell Information Technologies provides email access through two major services: Microsoft and Google.

Find out how to protect your account with two-step authentication and scam prevention tips and tools.

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Your Email Address

When you join the university, you will receive a NetID. Your email address will then be: (YourNetID) For example, Clarence Darrow receives the NetID cd404. Clarence's email address will be Faculty and staff have the option of selecting an email alias as well.

Faculty and staff who wish to change the way their name appears should refer to Set Your Preferred Name or Other Name Preferences. Students should refer to Set Your Name Preferences for this task.

Two-Step Authentication

Two-step login is required for you to access most of Cornell’s services. Two-step login provides an extra layer of security to protect your login credentials (your ID and password) as well as Cornell’s data.  

Protect Yourself From Scammers

Learn how to spot fraudulent emails and keep your accounts from being compromised. Check the phish bowl and verified Cornell communications before clicking on any link that asks you for personal information (even if it’s as simple as your phone number).  

Microsoft 365: Outlook

Staff, faculty, academic staff and affiliates You are set up with Outlook to access your email.

Students You start with Gmail by default, but you have the option to switch to Outlook if you feel that better suits your needs. See some reasons why using Outlook might make sense for you.  

Google Workspace: Gmail

Students You start with Gmail as your default email system. The Workspace suite of tools allows you to seamlessly use Google productivity tools with fellow classmates, and makes it easier to share files with collaborators outside of the university.  

Staff, faculty, academic staff and affiliates You are set up with Outlook by default, but you have the option to use Gmail and Google Workspace instead.

Leaving Cornell

Students, former postdocs, retirees, and faculty emeriti You will be able to keep your NetID and email access after you leave the university. IT Services with your Role At Cornell will give you more specific information, and guide you to information relevant to your individual situation.

What Happens When You Graduate and What Happens When You Leave are two additional resources to help you through this transition period.


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